An auto-responder email is a a message which is sent from your email address as a answer to every email that you get. The content is predetermined and it is sent automatically, so every single person who contacts you via electronic mail will receive it the instant their e-mail is received on the server that manages your e-mails. This feature is used if you need to inform people about various things, like being out of the office for a specified period of time or that the order has been received and is currently being prepared. The auto-responder email furthermore operates as a confirmation for those who get in touch with you that their e-mail is received, even if you are unable to read it and make contact with them immediately. It could include any kind of text that you choose and it can be modified with respect to the exact occasion.

Auto-responder Emails in Website Hosting

It is possible to create an auto-responder message for each of your mailboxes with as few as a couple of clicks with each and every website hosting plan that we offer. All you will have to do is to navigate to the Emails part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, select the auto-responder icon for a certain email, type in the message in the box that will pop up and save the change. If you wish to edit or remove some message, you'll need to go through the very same steps. The Emails section will allow you to view which mailboxes have an auto-responder function, so you can quickly monitor what's going on with your e-mails. You can even enable or deactivate the feature for several email addresses simultaneously.